What do Pregnant women want and need?

There are so many things that pregnant women want such as an amazing nursery, great baby clothes, the best pram, organic foods.....but the reality of what they actually need is acquiring less outer material things and developing and understanding your inner resources and mindset and the natural process that is pregnancy, birth and postpartum

Having worked with pregnant and postpartum women for 10 years and as a mother myself (and surrounded by friends and clients who are also mothers) here are the common things that come up again and again when speaking to women:

Top 5 Things Pregnant Women need:

  • 1
    To feel happy and healthy and supported by a loving network – being healthy was voted as number 1 priority by a vast 67% of more than 400 women that I surveyed last year. Health is not just physical health, so not just how to avoid morning sick ness or swollen ankles but also, feeling mentally and emotionally well and healthy (See Number 2 for more details on this one).
  • 2
    To overcome the emotional and hormonal overwhelm that is being pregnant – The rollercoaster ride that is pregnancy is real for many women. Think about it, you are experiencing soooo many changes in such a short amount of time, is there any wonder you feel challenged emotionally? In fact, you will never experience another 9+ months like it where you experience so many changes on a physical level, let alone the changes you experience in relation to your hormones, your emotions, your relationships, your responsibilities and your sense of self-identity.
  • 3
    To find a clear path through the never-ending, conflicting and constantly changing
    advice and information on where to give birth, how to give birth, how to make decisions such as how to feed your baby, sleep or co-sleep, how to get your babies in a routine, to vaccinate or not vaccinate, go back to work or be a stay at home mother......? The funny thing about being pregnant is that you unwittingly submit yourself to being a fully fledged member of the Endless, Unsolicited Advice Club! The list is endless, confusing, ever-changing and often even total stranger's random opinions are foisted upon you at every given turn which, in turn, can make you doubt your own sanity and self-assurance about the decisions that are right for you.
  • 4
    To feel confident in your body's ability to give birth. The images and stories we are
    subjected to in the media are often centred around programmes such as One Born Every Minute where we see most women birthing laying down in hospitals with copious amounts of pain relief, inductions, horror stories, things that go wrong, cascades of intervention etc. And women forget that women have birthed confidently at home surrounded by women for MILLENIA! This is The Norm. What we have seen happen in the medicalisation of labour in the last 70 years has not historically been The Norm. The result – women struggle to see good and consistent stories of positive and natural births and feel that they need a tonne of outside assistance to birth their babies.
  • 5
    To feel free and empowered to make decisions about where, how and when they
    birth. This is getting ever more difficult as we see women fighting for their rights to give birth where they want if it's not the 'normal' choice or standardised way. Women are increasingly being pushed into the role of permission-seekers in the face of consultants, obstetricians who are now playing the role of 'permission-givers' in order to cover their backs legally and protect against litigation rather than recognising a woman's right to be in full control of their own body, birth and baby. Women are losing power left right and centre and feel fearful of having to explain and justify the decisions they want to make.

These are just some of the things women need, if you want some more fabulous and free information on 10 Golden Tips for a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy please please go and download this free gift here