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Hello my love and welcome to Baby Bump Coaching!

My name is Vanessa and I'm passionate about nurturing healthy, happy, conscious​ and self-assured ​mothers.

​As a woman and mother ​I know, without any doubt, that women are infinitely powerful and strong.

This creative force is never more powerful than in the unique and sacred transition pregnant women make from woman to mother, whether it is for the first or fifth time.  I believe that if nurtured, loved and supported well they can create the lives, pregnancies and motherhoods that they truly wish to have.

The Baby Bump Coaching Programme is the gift of mastering the art of living, birthing and mothering naturally and consciously so that you flourish in clarity, wisdom and self-assurance, overcoming the biggest mistakes that most women make that keep you from the healthy and happy transition to motherhood you deserve.

How do we do this? By following one simple and unchanging protocol – nature.

This is not just a pregnancy or birthing programme (there are tonnes of those!) but one that goes far beyond the birth into postpartum and the first year of motherhood to guide and nurture you every step of the way from being a woman into becoming the mother you wish to be.

When you start to tune into your own nature and understand it, you can start to live a more conscious and harmonious life which flows from a place of peace and joy.

Following natural protocols and respecting the natural cycles of life facilitate real transformational change. You will regain a deep sense of well-being and self-assurance about the choices you have to make throughout your pregnancy for you and your baby.

Through embracing the natural window of postpartum care and rest, you will begin your journey as a new mother feeling rejuvenated, nurtured and confident to be the mother you want to be, instead of exhausted and overwhelmed.

We work on every level of your being for a complete and holistic service:


The foundation for new life – your own unique constitution and your pregnancy imbalances

Your health and well-being starts with knowing YOU! Without this vital piece of the puzzle, you won't know what you need to stay well and happy.

Physical health

Nutrition and lifestyle

We ​put together a nutritional and lifestyle plan designed specifically to work with your unique body-mind constitution. You will learn which foods to favour, and which to avoid plus ​the foods ​you and your baby need at each stage of development.

Emotional well-being

Relaxation, self-care, relationships

​Mind and body work together for complete health. Pregnancy and postpartum can be a rocky rollercoaster ride as you will never experience so many changes to so many aspects of your life in such a short window of time! ​You will discover how to relax, recognise your imbalances and what to do to combat overwhelm and relationship changes and stress.


Developing presence in ​each moment

To understand how we are losing our power we need first to develop awareness of our conditioning and beliefs. We then work to address any negative and fear-based thought patterns and beliefs affecting your decisions, causing you to feel more fear and anxiety around your mothering journey.

How can this help me? 

Read my story......

Having followed a lifestyle using all these natural (Ayurvedic) protocols before having my children, this is what happened to me:

I conceived as soon as I wanted within 6 weeks aged 35. 

Continuing to follow it I had two very healthy and uncomplicated pregnancies

I had two wonderful land home births with no pain relief, other than Ayurvedic massage and a hypnobirthing CD (age 36 and 39 years)

I breastfed both my children for two years.

This might not be your journey or what you aspire to, but, whatever your journey looks like for you, it can be a healthy and happy one.

If you would like to transform your experience of pregnancy and motherhood and work with me, you can access my free guide or contact me for a free 30 minute Peaceful Pregnancy Session.